Upon reaching the checkout of an online store, select WebCheque as a payment method.

Purchase an e-voucher of your chosen value (available from $15 to $500).

Make a note of your newly received 16-digit voucher code.

Enter your voucher code at the retailers checkout where instructed.

The retailer sends you confirmation of payment and fulfils your order.


With WebCheque, that´s exactly what you do.

The only way to protect your financial information is by not providing it at all. With WebCheque, you do exactly this. To start spending, all you need is your WebCheque e-voucher code, and then you can keep your card or bank details locked away.


Shops you can trust with your money.

All WebCheque accepting vendors have a proven history of happy customers, meet our strict data security standards, and have the resources in place to bring you a fast, smooth and safe shopping experience.

”Whenever you see our Piggybank,

       you know you can shop and pay safely.”

We're always growing. That means, wherever you go,

      you'll never be far away from a WebCheque PiggyBank.


Shop anywhere WebCheque is accepted.

Normal vouchers are usually restricted to a single brand or store, making it hard to shop for what you really want. Luckily, WebCheque is no normal voucher. You can redeem your voucher code at any of the growing number of companies accepting WebCheque as a method of payment. Now you can keep your shopping options open, or even give away your voucher code as a flexible gift.


Control your spending with a piggybank.

It can be too easy to overspend when you have a credit or debit card in your hand. With WebCheque, you set the limit for how much you want to spend at your chosen shop. This helps you cut down on impulse purchase, making it easier to step away and search for better deals.



Want to take advantage of an ever-growing payment method?

Want a way to encourage customers to spend at your online store?

If you have a proven track record, consider adding WebCheque as a payment option.


Or boost sales for your online store by adding WebCheque vouchers to your product range.